Division of Professional Relations

A Technical Division of the American Chemical Society

The PROF Political Action Committee


  1. PROFPAC serves as a resource for any member of PROF who wished to run for elected office. PROF member lists would be maintained and made available to any candidate who was a member in good standing of PROF.
  2. PROFPAC seeks out reliable local contacts who could be contacted to collect signatures for petition candidates. Having a wide distribution of such contacts would address the geographical/political requirements of the petition process.  
  3. PROFPAC will not favor one candidate over another, but provide each candidate with the same information to assist them with their campaigns. PROFPAC will refrain from endorsing any candidate.
  4. PROFPAC actively searches for suitable candidates for the Board and Presidency, encouraging them to run and nominating them through the normal N&E processes.  

Send to me at djchesne@mtu.edu or contact any other member of the Executive Committee for more information.


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