Division of Professional Relations

A Technical Division of the American Chemical Society

Minority Affairs Subdivision


Welcome to the Minority Affairs subdivision webpage!

The Minority Affairs subdivision of PROF will advance the professional development of minority chemists in the chemical enterprise.

Goals of this subdivision


We will work with the Committee on Minority Affairs to 

1) provide relevant programming at regional and national ACS meetings; and

2) increase the number of people of color that are engaged in ACS activites, as members and leaders, at all levels of governance.

Stay informed


We will be posting articles and announcements in the Minority Affairs Blog Area of the PROF Blog.

Why you should join this subdivision


  • You want to be counted among the people who support the goals of this subdivision.
  • You have ideas about how to achieve this subdivision’s goals and want to share them with us.
  • You have leadership skills and experience and want to help us.
  • You want to develop leadership skills and experience and want to help us.
  • You have insights/experience or interest in promoting diversity training and outreach for underrepresented chemists and aspiring chemical professionals.
  • You want to learn about academic, workplace and career issues for minority scientists.
  • You want to help make chemistry a more enlightened scientific field!

How to get involved


  • Join our subdivision.
  • Join this website to contribute content to our blog.
  • Answer all member needs surveys that come your way.
  • Be willing to share and be a part of something!
  • Contact the subdivision chair with comments or questions: Dr. Linette Watkins (Linette@TxState.edu)

All people are welcome


Everyone with an interest in promoting the mission of this subdivision is welcome to join this subdivision.


Join this subdivision!

Download the new Division of Professional Relations brochure, and mail the completed form and dues to the PROF treasurer as instructed on the form.