Division of Professional Relations

A Technical Division of the American Chemical Society

We have a new home!

Visit us on our new site, www.acsprof.org for the most up-to-date information!


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How to Join


When you pay your ACS dues: If you are a calendar year renewer, your dues notice was sent to the printer before any additions you may make prior to receiving the dues statement. This means that the memberships you add (such as this subdivision) before receiving your statement won't show up on your printed renewal invoice.  If you renew on-line and have already joined the subdivision, it will appear on your list of current memberships.  If you have not joined already, you'll be able to easily add in PROF and the subdivision on-line. If you renew by snail mail, you will need to write in the addition of PROF and/or the subdivision. This won't be so complicated in a few months.

Right Now: Download the new Division of Professional Relations brochure, and mail the completed form and dues to the PROF treasurer as instructed on the form. 


Instructions for Adding a Subdivision

 We encourage everyone to check out our new subdivisions and to consider joining one or more of them today. 

Here's how:  
  • Log in to your ACS account and this will take you to the Online Membership Renewal webpage. 
  • Click [add/edit] on the Technical Division Bar.
  • Check the subdivision name listed under PROF. 
  • Once you pay the bill, your new subdivision will be added to your list of memberships.  
If you have already paid your current year's bill, then you can only add a subdivision by contacting the ACS:     
  • Phone: 1-800-333-9511 (Toll Free in the US)    
  • Phone: 614-447-3776 (Outside of the US)    
  • Fax: 614-447-3671    
  • Email: service@acs.org